Fully Visualized: Branding Stories
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Fully Visualized: Branding Stories

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A strong visual identity makes an immediate and lasting impression, a vital step in creating relationships with consumers. A designer must understand the brand inside and out, and create a visual signifier that represents the company on multiple levels. Telling a brand's story through good graphics is one of the most direct and effective ways to introduce a brand to its market. The cafes, restaurants, media companies and organizations in this book have all chosen striking ways to tell their stories. With more than 100 designs by 80 designers and agencies, along with insights into the businesses being represented and the connection between product and presentation, Fully Realized is the ultimate inspiration guide for designers and business owners looking to turn heads and set themselves apart from the crowd.                                                                                                           Pages:240 ,Height:28.5cm ,Width:21cm ,Weight: 1.4 kg.