Fakeaway Healthy Home Cooked Takeaway Me
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Fakeaway Healthy Home Cooked Takeaway Me

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Chris Bavin's Fakeaway promises some healthy fun for home cooks looking to lose weight or who are feeding family or friends with special dietary requirements. Put curries, stir-fries, burgers and chips back on the menu with 100 simple recipes for takeaway-inspired meals that needn't feel like junk food! Popular BBC TV chef and presenter Chris Bavin is a resourceful home cook who prides himself on producing healthy food fast for his young family, sometimes tempting them with "fakeaways", his good-for-you versions of takeaways. Chris is building a reputation on TV and at live cooking events nationwide as the down-to-earth ex-greengrocer who helps British families change their shopping and cooking habits to eat well and spend less. In this book, he shares his healthy ingredient swaps and savvy shopping ideas to buy everything you'll need for a fakeaway feast. Organised by type of takeaway, there are dishes to recreate from the chippy, pizzeria, diner and more. Refreshingly practical, Fakeaway contains all the inspiration you need to make delicious meals for your family from scratch and on a budget.