52 Weeks to Better Mental Health: A Guided Workbook for Self-Exploration and Growth
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52 Weeks to Better Mental Health: A Guided Workbook for Self-Exploration and Growth

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Nurture yourself—and your well-being—through one year of self-reflective writing prompts. Discovering who you really are is a powerful way to create change. Regularly writing down thoughts, feelings, and goals can ultimately help reduce stress, increase focus, ease anxiety, improve positivity, and make life work better overall. Following guided writing prompts takes the personal discovery one step further by helping you attune to your mental and emotional needs in ways that can help you increase your well-being. The easy-to-follow exercises and writing prompts in these pages will help you improve your attitude and satisfaction with your life. Broken into nine sections for mental health wellness, 52 Weeks to Better Mental Health offers focused self-exploration exercises for every week of the year—so you can start writing in it at any time. With encouraging quotes and affirmations throughout, every other week offers additional check-ins for self-reflection on progress and goal setting. As you continue your journey, you’ll notice that you’re more focused and mindful—and less stressed. Sample prompts include: Of the people close to you, who treats you as you want to be treated?What would your parents say or do to comfort you as a child? How can you create a habit of comforting yourself when you need it?Is there something you want from a particular person? How can you give that to yourself?What do you do that gives you satisfaction in your life? How can you create more satisfaction?How has your relationship with yourself changed? Who are you becoming with the new changes? Additionally, you’ll learn mental tricks that can help your daily routines go smoother and help you be more productive. You’ll also find out how to: Motivate yourselfMaintain happier relationshipsCreate a better work-play balanceFeel more in chargeManage difficult feelingsDeal with problematic peopleAnd so much more! With so much of our lives and contact going digital, the Guided Workbooks offer an intimate way to nurture your connection with yourself and the people around you. An entertaining way to get off your screen, the pages in these guided prompt books are great for writers and first-timers alike. Each workbook offers content around a different, compelling theme, filled with thoughtful questions, inspiration for composition, and interactive prompts to learn about yourself and the world around you. Beautifully designed on high-quality paper stock and full of mindful prompts, channel your inspiration as you put pen to paper to learn more about what inspires you. Other books in the series include Stop Overthinking (by the same author), Finding Your Authentic Self, The Adulting Handbook, 5-Minute Productivity Workbook, 3-Minute Positivity Workbook, 52 Weeks to Better Mental Health, Tarot: A Guided Workbook to Unlock and Explore Your Magickal Intuition, Astrology: A Guided Workbook to Understand and Explore the Wisdom of the Universe, and Finding Your Balance: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook.