World Vegan: Popular International Plant-Based Recipes
Grub Street Publishing

World Vegan: Popular International Plant-Based Recipes

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A global collection of delicious vegan recipes. Eating vegan is easy when you are interested in world food: countries worldwide are full of meat, fish and dairy-free recipes and offer infinite possibilities. Learn how to cook diverse and colorful meals, all the while discovering different cultures by exploring traditional dishes. The book outlines the philosophy behind plant-based cooking, as well as the key ingredients to have every day at hand. You will then discover multi-cultural vegan recipes – most of the time gluten-free – breakfast (salty porridge, Danish pastry, onigiri…), different dishes (shakshouka, squash and chestnut risotto, currys, bakso…), gourmet desserts (tiramisu, cheesecakes, rustic tarts…), as well as quick-to-make sandwiches (falafel kebab, banh mi burger, etc.), sweet gourmet snacks (babka, cookies, alfajores…) and appetizers (aioli, tapas, samoussas…).