The Modern Wedding
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The Modern Wedding

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To set up a wedding, we must first consider the venue, banquet, wedding dress, music and other factors, but for the newcomers who are improving, the details of the wedding taste can never be forgotten - for example, a paper invitation to the guests before the wedding begins. Whether it is paper, color, fonts, illustrations, various graphic design elements on the one hand reflect the sensation of the newcomer, on the one hand reveals the theme and tone of the wedding, so that guests are full of expectations in advance weeks. The careful design of the various indications such as signposts, gifts, table numbers, menus, decorations, etc. in the wedding makes the wedding icing on the cake and surprises. "The Modern Wedding: Graphic Design in Fashion Weddings" collects graphic design works from 90 theme weddings around the world, and invites experienced wedding planners and graphic designers to share the secrets of creating a perfect wedding with a common wedding design. Elements provide a fresh fashion reference for newcomers around the world.