Sow Design Seed In Your Mind 1-5
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Sow Design Seed In Your Mind 1-5

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Book Introduction Inspiration is the word associated with the root of the word 'breath, breath'. 'In' means 'penetrate' and 'spire' means 'breath'. In other words, inspiration is like breathing. The "sow DESIGN SEED in your mind", which was designed by Mendy, conveys the seeds of inspiration as if breathing. The five different seeds contain a variety of designers' methodologies. They sometimes solve their problems philosophically, sometimes simply and humorously. If the thought of 'How did you solve this problem?' Or 'What kind of concept did you develop for me?' Leads to the tail, you have already begun the design seed in your mind. Even if you know what seeds are, they are different from each other by the seeds and the growers. The material (seed) in "I am Diagram" is invariable, but I hope that a lot of different ideas will be born by people using it.