Red Print — Propaganda Poster Tells the Story of New China.
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Red Print — Propaganda Poster Tells the Story of New China.

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Packed with pictures, Over the Rainbow tells the story of modern-day China through its propaganda regime. It encourages us to review the past of this fascinating country through how the governing bodies presented themselves to the Chinese people.In the current era, where mass communication and information explosion is the norm, such simple propaganda posters are a source of historical interest and design inspiration. This book will be a vital addition to any collector's library, and the simple, yet aesthetically attractive style of these posters will appeal to designers worldwide. SELLING POINTS: * These propaganda posters are of great historical interest, as they reflect different important events and periods since the foundation of the People's Republic of China and demonstrate how news was related to the Chinese population * In an innovative design feature, this book uses a 'red line' to connect the development of New China with various styles of propaganda posters * Contains a gallery of splendid posters organised by theme, which demonstrate the passion and fervour of the designers 400 colour images