Public Art Now
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Public Art Now

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Watch out you're about to run into public art! Public Art Now showcases large- and small-scale public art installations that appear everywhere, from sidewalks and bus stops to parks and exhibition centers. The projects within are often made to be enjoyed through more than just looking, with audiences being encouraged to touch, photograph, climb, read, listen, sit, swing, and run through the artworks. Pieces such as a walk-in origami-style hut with a kaleidoscopic interior, an iridescent bike path, an entire two-story home with oversized white balloons spilling out of every window, and a colorful library designed to be pulled apart and re-assembled question the relationship between artist and audience, and create an intimate relationship between those who create and those who experience their exciting creations.                                                   Pages: 240  Height: 29cm Width: 21.6cm Weight: 1.5kg