Patternmaking for Womenswear, vol. 1: Constructing Base Patterns - Skirts
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Patternmaking for Womenswear, vol. 1: Constructing Base Patterns - Skirts

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The first volume of six comprising all aspects of patternmaking for womenswear, this book is a comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of flat-pattern drafting for skirts in all their variations and forms. This book contains the perfect method for creating skirts, explained in a simple, clear, precise, highly detailed manner. It covers the information necessary for drafting flat patterns for just about every style there is, and can easily be adapted to all skill levels. Flat-pattern drafting is the process of creating volume from a 2-D surface by outlining a pattern on paper, using specific body measurements to which ease is added according to the desired look of the garment. Developed by fashion designer and teacher Dominique Pellen after countless years of experience in the studio and in the classroom, the method for the creation and adaptation of flat patterns contained herein is suitable for a vast audience, including professionals, students and simply anyone who loves to sew. The book has already been used at professional schools and institutes, where Pellen’s method has proven to be reliable and foolproof. This expanded and updated volume on skirts is the first in a series of guides that will explore the exciting world of garment-making, a gateway that is designed to help clothiers understand and design patterns on their own.