Motion Graphics
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Motion Graphics

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Dynamic image design combines artistry and design to tell stories, deliver more real and intense emotions, and create a more intimate and direct connection between the message and the audience. "Dynamic Image Design" contains outstanding projects from all over the world. The book is divided into five categories: 1) commercial projects; 2) cultural projects; 3) font projects; 4) experimental projects; 5) television, film titles. The selected works are not only outstanding companies in the world, such as Toyota, Lincoln, Hyatt Hotel, Brunswick, Ted, HBO, etc., but also artistic experimental personal projects.The foreword of this book was written by Hugo Moss, founder of the Emmy-winning design studio HugeDesign, to explain the development trajectory and trends of dynamic images in a simple way. Motion graphics is not a new field, but with the emergence of new technologies, new concepts and broader application possibilities, this form of communication will become a new creative force that cannot be ignored in the creative field