Jewelry Design
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Jewelry Design

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Pub Date: 2014-02-01 Pages: 448 Language: English Publisher: Designerbooks We choose 40 designers from around the world in the novelworksof jewelry in this book. which including necklaces. rings. wristornaments. brooch. earrings design. etc. In this . book. weofferintroduction of each of jewelry piece in size. material. workmanshipand so on The books overall plan is carried out inaccordancewith the material classification.It were divided intosixcategories:. metaljewelryglass. porcelain. ceramiccompositewoodshdne Jewelry works isavant-garde indesign ideas. and materials were innovated ---- it not only hasfascinated and beautiful works. but also has subversivedmodellingdesign. It makes readers can relish a visual feastinunderstanding of fine jewelry art. Moreover. there are about450pages of the information. which make you really enjoyit. book fine chose a new jewelry works 40