Interior design model integration 2018

Interior design model integration 2018

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2018 interior design model is integrated together in a" wide decoration design institution for 2017~2018 years of the more than 1500 works, involving the construction of public space in the office, commercial, hotel, clubs, schools, real estate, exhibition space, and Home Furnishing in residential living room, bedroom, restaurant, bedroom, study, recreation, toilet function space, 3ds Max scene model and the map file for each design works include the effect diagram and the corresponding.The series is published in the form of books with DVD. DVD CD-ROM books with 6 DVD per book, 1 sets of DVDS with a total of 24, each disc capacity of about 4000M.The content of the book is presented in the form of renderings, the design effect of the selected renderings is new, the design styles are diverse, the design methods are rich and novel, which can show the designer's intention and show the design ideas. 3DS Max scene model and the map file DVD CD includes renderings and the effect of the number and 3DS of Max model in the number one correspondence, easy access, readers can directly call and make a further design and adjust their own satisfaction with work, so as to improve the working efficiency.