Graphics Can be Managed 2
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Graphics Can be Managed 2

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The popular sales of GRAPHICS CAN BE MANAGED 1 laid a good reputation and reader foundation for the publication of GRAPHICS CAN BE MANAGED 2. The latter one still takes on the characteristics of this series, bringing you excellent works from many artists and designers around the world, and showing the cross-border application of illustrations and graphics in various industries from a more comprehensive perspective, such as eye-catching advertising, exquisite brands, cute toys, interesting products and packaging, etc. Compared with the first volume, the second one has more information and includes richer content. If you are wondering what kind of graphic application can impress you or your customers? Take a look at GRAPHICS CAN BE MANAGED 2 and we won’t let you down. If you want to know the contents in advance, pick up the phone and use QQ to scan the cover for a quick look