Game Design: Next Level
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Game Design: Next Level

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When it comes to video game design, the importance of setting and ambience cannot be overstated. Exploration is fundamental to the medium, and it is vital that virtual locations be as compelling, dynamic, and visually engaging as possible. Every location must reflect the themes of the game and help create the tone of the story and gameplay, while also subtly directing and reacting to the player's actions. In Next Level: Game Design, some of the best concept artists in the industry showcase fantastical locations designed for video games across genres. Many of the featured artists have worked on critically acclaimed games, while others present tantalizing visions of game worlds yet to be realized. All provide readers with inspiration for approaching their own interactive worlds, and serve as reminders that gaming is a medium whose potential we have only just begun to explore.               Pages:240 ,Height:28.5cm ,Width:21cm ,Weight:1.36 kg.