Free Style
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Free Style

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Whether it is hippie style, bohemian, retro style, rock punk, hip hop, street trends have always been popular with the public, especially young people. Nowadays, the word "潮" is more than just the meaning of "trend", but also represents the taste of a person dressing, the attitude of life and so on. Graffiti, illustrations, patterns and fonts, whether mechanical or hand-drawn, determine the style of a piece of clothing. "Freestyle- Illustrating Urban Fashion" is a reading of street fashion graffiti and illustrations. It contains nearly 100 outstanding domestic and international projects, ranging from simple graffiti to detailed patterns. The style of the painting is varied and colorful. . Readers can not only enjoy the original paintings in the book, but also see the graffiti and illustrations applied to different street costumes, such as T-shirts, sweaters, footwear, and accessories such as shawls, caps, headscarves, bags, handbags, etc. It is an all-encompassing choice for designers and readers who like fashion trends