Ephemeral Architecture: Projects and Installations in the Public Space
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Ephemeral Architecture: Projects and Installations in the Public Space

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The term ephemeral is faithfully illustrative of our times. However, constructions with a limited lifespan have been a constant in the history of architecture. Research of materials and, above all, the evolution of design; have made this discipline an essential area of study for scholars and authorities alike.Ephemeral Architecture offers a wide and also rigorous selection of the best contemporary projects by some of the most daring and innovative architecture studios. The spectacular projects contained in these pages are profusely illustrated and thoroughly documented with drafts, scale and layout drawings, illustrations, renderings and photographs. The book is divided into content blocks that will allow the reader to enjoy the most innovative interventions, be they pavilions, art installations, interactive constructions, stands and finally, award winning projects within the field of temporary architecture.The projects include Anna Prats, Joan Valls (ES); Anupama Kundoo Architects, Iaac (IN/ES); Atelier ZÃ1⁄4ndel Cristea (FR); Ball-Nogues Studio (USA/CA); Barkow Leibinger Architects (DE); Benedetta Tagiabue + Embt, Ãelex Ollé + Institut Del Teatre (ES); Brut Deluxe (ES); Bureau A (CH); Coda-Office (ES); Dondecabentres (ES); Dus Architects (NL); Eth Zurich, Urban-Think Tank, Esarq / Uic (CH/ES); Grafton Architects, Elisava / Upf (UK/ES); Heri&Salli (AT); Hollwich Kushner (US/NY); J. Mayer H. Und Partner Architekten (DE); Jakob + Macfarlane (FR); Jakob + Macfarlane (FR); Likearchitects (PT); Marina Fernández Ramos, AsociaciÃ3n Cultural Y Juvenil La Chorrera (ES); Odile Decq,- Recetas Colectivas (FR/ES); Studio Myerscough (UK); Studio Myerscough (UK); Urbanus, La Salle / Url (CN/ES); Variable Projects (US/CA); Xevi Bayona (ES); Yael Reisner, Peter Cook, Straddle 3 (IS/UK/ES).