Efficient Offices

Efficient Offices

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Today, nobody doubts that in the same way we can parameterize a building, to know its height, its weight (the famous question that Buckminster Fuller made to Norman Foster, “How much does your building weigh Mr Foster?”), today, we should know how much do our buildings spend and what to do to improve their energetic efficiency. In fact, our last buildings are all “passive house”buildings are adjusted to the specifications of the RT-2012, the strict French regulation and that of CERN itself) and the last two reforms in Barcelona (the buildings at Travesera-Amigó and the Diagonal 409) have obtained the CS LEED ORO Certificate and the Calener GT Nivel B energetic qualification in rehabilitation), something that is always harder than when it is applied on brand new buildings and we can play with the thermal coating. Within the environmental concern that should distinguish us and in order to make our buildings worth of the GREEN BUILDING consideration, at the Geoda de Travesera Building, we have projected installations in order to allow the reduction of 40% and 45% of the energetic consumption of a building of similar characteristics and to minimize the carbon emissions