DD-45 Pony Tricks CEBRA - ea. - N/A
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DD-45 Pony Tricks CEBRA - ea. - N/A

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CEBRA is known for its cheeky, intelligent nature and the playful universe its architecture inhabits. Established in Aarhus 20 years ago by three founding partners, Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl, and Kolja Nielsen, the Danish firm recently added a fourth, Mikkel Schlesinger. Recognised for their daring design approach and disruptive innovation, their projects constantly mutate from place to place, yet share a similar language nonetheless by connecting to the context in a broad sense, whether climatic, economic, or other. From Scandinavia and Russia to Abu Dhabi, the 26 projects spotlighted in this volume explore the main themes that run throughout CEBRA’s architecture.