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Design plays an increasingly important role on daily life which arouses extensive attention. Firmly believing in the power of original design and keeping an eye on the trend of the industry, Asia Pacific Design has been devoted to spreading the advanced design concept and presenting the historic development of design at Asia Pacific region for years. In 2017, APD NO.13 will continuously collect more excellent design work, together with the efforts of famous designers all over the world. Taking “The Future of Design” as its theme, the yearbook praise latest creations and design fruit that affects the industry development at Asia Pacific region under the cultural backgrounds of rich diversity. As the reflection of design in the future, over 480 pieces of excellent practical works are carefully selected including 9 categories, separately, Identity Design, Environmental Graphics, Type Design, Print Design , Poster Design, Package Design, Graphics Design & Extended Products,Multimedia and Logo Design. Those works cover all aspects of people's lives to stimulate original spirit and creative inspiration for designers and strengthen future exchange and cooperation within the region.