Aesthetica Botanica - A Life with Plants
Sandu Publishing

Aesthetica Botanica - A Life with Plants

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Are you eager to get close to the lush nature in the bustling city? Or feel the gentleness of green in a dull and busy work life? So what you need to do is to create an indoor greenhouse for yourself and live a life with flowers and plants! From bright and delicate flower buds to lush green leaves, from a variety of fleshy to green moss, plants as a new type of interior decoration can not only give you a soft and elegant feeling, help you adjust your mind and body, wake you up The soul is against the pressure of life. It can also be used as your daily hobby, artistic inspiration, lovely friends and even professional companions. It uses natural aesthetics to embellish your life.In "Plant Aesthetics - Days with Flowers and Plants", you will explore the unique habits of plants (such as home, floral artists, artists, plant designers, Internet experts and other plant lovers. The design studio and studio are the perfect combination, they will share their own plant stories and inspiration behind the creative work. This book will take you into a fresh and romantic plant kingdom.