A To Z of Art
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A To Z of Art

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Art, architecture, and design are interesting so learning about them should be too. These alphabetically organised and lavishly illustrated books are excellent introductions to these three fascinating disciplines. They not only deliver basic knowledge, but also act as a good jumping-off point for further explorations. In this series, young readers will learn more about art, architecture and design, their histories, the basic principles, the styles and the materials used. Illustrations and sketches help the reader visualise the concepts explained and kindle young people’s interest in the world of artists, architects and designers. 1. All major concepts and principles of art, architecture and design explained to young readers aged 9-18. 2. Alphabetically organised words and concepts featured in short, yet comprehensive texts and numerous illustrations. 3. Chinese-English bilingual version can not only provide basic knowledge, but also improve your English by accumulating numerous authentic English expression.