2019 3D66 Interior Model Best Collection (27 DVD)

2019 3D66 Interior Model Best Collection (27 DVD)

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"2019 Interior Design Model Integration" brings together more than 1,200 works designed and manufactured by Guoguang Yiye Decoration Agency in 2018, covering office, commercial, hotel, club, school, real estate space and residential houses in public spaces. Functional space such as living room, entrance, dining room, bedroom, study, leisure room, bathroom, etc. The content of each design work contains renderings and corresponding 3ds Max scene models and texture files.The series is published in books and DVDs. There are 6 books for each book on the DVD, and 24 books for a set of books.The content of the book is presented in the form of renderings. The design concept of the selected renderings is new, the design style is diverse, the design techniques are rich and novel, and the designer's design intent can be fully displayed to help readers develop design ideas. The content of the DVD disc contains the 3ds Max scene model and texture file corresponding to the rendering. The number of the 3ds Max model corresponds to the number of the rendering in the book. It is easy to consult and can be directly called by the reader and further designed and adjusted for itself. Satisfied works to improve work efficiency.